Business consultancy & assessment

The knowledge on the exact state of affairs offers a substantiated decision guidance for the up-coming. A detailled potential analysis provides information and security.



You´d like to buy a winery or a wine dealing company? Or you´d like to buy a share in them? You´d like to utilze your companies potential even better and you´d like to extend the radius of your business?

Benefit in all phases of your action and your plans from my extended experience which has been standing in the test of practice for many times in many years.

Don´t stand still! You will be surprised how much more is possible.


    Potential analysis

For wine dealers & importers:

For wine producer:
Viticultural consultancy
Enological consultancy
Market control


    Business assessment

A companies value is composed of three essential elements. The accounted value of properties under consideration of utility and actual cash value. The business volume and if applicable production. Last but not least the underused potential of the company.

The future added value which owners like potential buyers wish to get above all can be generated in the winning and working of underused potential. To recognizing and evaluating this potential is a challenging job which requires lots of experience.

Why to do a analysis of potential?

The potential analysis shines a light on possible improvements. A potential analysis and a good consultancy are at your advantage at any stage: Better ourchasing conditions, improved flow of goods and more synergy safe money for your company. New products and services as well as more contacts and new business segments improve your companies turnover.

A professionel analysis of potential out of neutral hands is very senseful in case of transfer of business through buying, selling or through heritage.